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2005 Newsletters



  • Williams Marras tours South Africa and Lectures on "The Working Back" and other Ergonomics & Biomechanics Topics
  • Institute Co-sponsors 2006 Applied Ergonomics Conference
  • Summary of Institute Member Activity at the 2005 HFES Conference in Orlando, Florida



  • Center for Resilience is formed at Ohio State
  • Biodynamics Laboratory hires Gregory Knapik as a Senior Research Associate-Engineer
  • Ohio State's Converging Perspectives on Data (CPoD) announces Summer Institute to study Data Overload in Information Analysis & Comprehension



  • William Marras earns Honorary Doctorate for Back Injury Research
  • David Woods is awarded National Security Agency grant to study Innovation in Information Analysis and Comprehension
  • Find out Why Eyes in Some Paintings seem to Follow You
  • Visiting Scholars from Korea's Kia Motors begin Work Assignment in Biodynamics Laboratory