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2006 Newsletters



  • Final Show Highlights from the Summer 2006 "Institute for Collaborative Innovation"
  • James Sheedy become Dean of Pacific University's College of Optometry
  • Ohio State's Industrial, Welding, & Systems Engineering
  • Department launches updated web site
  • Seven new students begin human factors graduate work at OSU

Spring / Summer


  • More low-back injury risk to housekeepers due to increased hotel amenities?
  • Josue Gabriel is named Clinical Director of OSU's Biodynamics Laboratory
  • Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory begins offering podcasts
  • Newly published research on stressors related to computer work



  • Ergonomics Input of Sippy Cup Leads to Design Award
  • New Research: Painful, Dry Eyes Result from Squinting during Computer Use
  • New Books Written by Institute Members are Now Available
  • Student Martin Voshell Wins Robot Competition