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2009 Newsletters



  • Dr. William Marras and Dr. Ehud Mendel receive multi-million dollar contract to study "virtual surgery"
  • Dr. Emily Patterson to take new position in OSU’s School of Allied Medical Professions, Division of Health Information Management & Systems
  • Institute member involvement at this year’s HFES Annual Meeting



  • Dr. Charles Billings' presentation at prestigious RAF lecture series
  • Ergonomics research presented at Ohio State's Honda Appreciation Day
  • CogFest 2009 held at The Ohio State University
  • Ergonomics & human factors research abstracts from recent graduates



  • Dr. William Marras being elected to the National Academies
  • Dr. David Woods discussing in the New York Times how workplace mistakes can become opportunities
  • Which book (written by an OSU Cognitive Engineering graduate student) Captain "Sully" Sullenberger had in the Cockpit when he safely landed his aircraft on the Hudson River
  • New technology being studied at Ohio State aimed to reduce the stress from using heavy tools