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Ergonomics Training

The Institute for Ergonomics provides several types of training programs to fit the needs of our clients. Lectures are integrated with examples, case studies from our consulting services, hands-on demonstrations, and class workshops. Class sizes are kept low to encourage participation.

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Topics covered typically include:

  • The importance of understanding body size differences (anthropometry)

  • Structure and muscle function of the back, hand/wrist, shoulder, and neck

  • Basic biomechanical principles and how they apply to the major joints in the body

  • The use of several state-of-the-art ergonomics assessment tools

  • Principles of office ergonomics

  • Cognitive ergonomics issues

  • How psychosocial and work organization factors impact employee health

  • How to set up and maintain an effective ergonomics process

On-Site Courses

On-Site courses are conducted at the client’s facility and customized to meet specific needs and interests.

These include:

  • Ergonomics Awareness and Process Training for Upper Management

  • Awareness Training of Basic Ergonomics Concepts for Hourly Employees

  • Bi-Annual Ergonomics Short Courses

  • In-depth Ergonomics Training

All ergonomics training courses are filled with examples, demonstrations, and class exercises.