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Ergonomics Training

SRI-Ergonomics provides several types of training programs to fit the needs of our clients. Lectures are integrated with examples, case studies from our consulting services, hands-on demonstrations, and class workshops. Class sizes are kept low to encourage participation.

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Topics covered typically include:

  • Basic biomechanical principles and how they apply to the major joints in the body

  • Addressing individual differences in the workforce

  • Structure and cumulative trauma injury development of the back, hand/wrist, shoulder, and neck

  • Use of several state-of-the-art ergonomics assessment tools

  • Determining return-on-investment from ergonomics improvements

  • Managing change due to ergonomics interventions

  • The impact of psychosocial and work organization factors on employee health

  • How to set up and maintain an effective ergonomics process

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On-Site Courses

On-Site courses are conducted at the client’s facility and customized to meet specific needs and interests.

These include:

  • Ergonomics Awareness and Process Training for Upper Management

  • Awareness Training of Basic Ergonomics Concepts for Hourly Employees

  • Bi-Annual Ergonomics Short Courses

  • In-depth Ergonomics Training

All ergonomics training courses are filled with examples, demonstrations, and class exercises.

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