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Sports vs. Industry ‘Athletes’: Physical Demands and Injury Prevention Methodologies

A free webinar sponsored by the Applied Ergonomics Conference
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 2:00 pm

Industrial professionals turned to Olympic competition and professional sports to redefine the definition of front-line associates.  The phrase “industrial athletes” is a description born out of similarities in human performance and the stress-response generated by a physically demanding task.  Yet, there are still enormous differences between today’s finely tuned athletes and the broad mix of employees who occupy the workaday world.  While athletic coaches and corporate health professionals share a common goal, maximizing performance and minimizing injury, they take two very different approaches based on the similarities and differences in each athlete’s environment and task requirements.  This presentation will compare and contrast these two settings and uncover best practices to managing risk and improving performance, all while pointing out several practices in one setting may not be advantageous in the other.

About the Webinar Presenter

Brock Anderson M.S., CPE is the founder & principal consultant of ergo-ology. His passion for enhancing human performance and establishing operation efficiency has landed the attention of leaders in both sports and industrial settings.  Before launching ergo-ology in 2015, Brock worked for organizations like the Atlanta Falcons, Coca-Cola, Gulfstream Aerospace, USA Olympic Weightlifting Team and conducted several years of Muscle Fatigue Research at Auburn University.  He has a dual master's degree in biomechanics and physiology and post-graduate stamped certification in occupational ergonomics from Auburn University.  Brock is a Certified Professional Ergonomist, a strength and conditioning specialist and Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.