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Human Involvement in Future Unmanned Vehicle Applications

Lisa Fern, a PhD student in Ohio State's Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory, led a panel discussion at the August 12-15 Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International's (AUVSI) Unmanned Systems 2013 Conference in Washington, DC.  The panel, which she co-organized, addressed Human Involvement in Future Unmanned Vehicle Applications: A Blessing or a Curse?  

The panelists included leading experts on automation for unmanned systems, including Dr. Mark Draper (Branch Technical Advisor, Air Force Research Laboratory), Mr. Jay Shively (Human Systems Technology Lead, NASA Ames Research Center), and Dr. Missy Cummings (Professor, MIT).  

These leading figures discussed how to build synergies and cooperation across the roles of people working to accomplish mission goals through automated and autonomous platforms.  The panel agreed the critical opportunity is research to make autonomous systems team players as part of a larger cooperative system.  

Lisa's research, and the research programs in the Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory (CSEL) at OSU, is focused on building the tools to synchronize collaborations between responsible human roles and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) as one kind of autonomous platform.