Marras Speaks to Ergonomics Practitioners

Posted: March 29, 2019



During the 22nd annual Applied Ergonomics Conference held in New Orleans, William Marras spoke to a diverse group of ergonomics practitioners, safety professionals, researchers, and production employees involved in health & safety.

Dr. Marras shared his insights on several topics, including:

  • Novel approaches to addressing musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Emerging technologies used to evaluate work demands (e.g., wearable sensors) and reduce injury risk (such as exoskeletons) and the importance of relying on valid science to determine their merits; and
  • His vision for advancing ergonomics into the future, including the use of machine learning to more-comprehensively evaluate possble associations between workplace injury and various exposures, such as work demands, individual factors, and environmental influences.

A short portion of his thought-provoking talk can be heard here.

Category: SRI-Ergonomics