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Strategies for Working from Home Long-Term




Many individuals are finding that what was believed to be a short-term work-from-home practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic is now turning into a much longer, or permanent, situation.  Those who believed their make-shift home offices would suffice are now finding them to be quite uncomfortable and a cause for concern. 

In her article published on in May 2020, writer Lauren Sieben outlined 6 Ergonomic Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Office, Now That We're Working Remotely for the Long Haul.  For this article, she reached out to ergonomist Gary Allread of Ohio State's Spine Research Institute, on tips to make a home workspace more ergonomically friendly.

The mistakes outlined include:

  1. Staying in the same spot for hours at a time

  2. Sitting in a crummy chair

  3. Using only a laptop

  4. Putting the work desk in front of a window

  5. Sitting on an exercise ball

  6. Using shoddy do-it-yourself solutions

In the article, Dr. Allread emphasized the importance of considering the type of tasks required of the job, as this can influence the solutions that will have the most benefit.  He also discussed the need to evaluate the length of time a work-from-home situation may last, so that, if necessary, more-permanent and ergonomically friendly set-ups can be created.

You can read the full article here

Lauren Sieben is a writer in Milwaukee. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, Washington Post, Milwaukee Magazine, and other outlets.  You can follow Lauren on Twitter as well.