SRI's Knapik Becomes Research Faculty in HSI

Greg Knapik

The Spine Research Institute (SRI) is pleased to announce that its Associate Director has become a Research Professor within Ohio State's Department of Integrated Systems Engineering.  Dr. Greg Knapik's research focus is human systems integration.

Dr. Knapik received his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Integrated Systems Engineering, both from OSU.  He has studied and worked in the SRI (formerly Biodynamics Laboratory) since 2002.

Greg’s research focuses on computational spine modeling and its applications in both industrial and clinical biomechanics.  Recently he has worked on the development of personalized biomechanical models, utilizing physiologic measures and biomedical imaging data, to provide quantitative measures to promote spine disorder prevention and improved treatment.

Dr. Knapik has authored peer-reviewed research articles on various biomechanics topics including causal pathways for spine disorders, laboratory biomechanical studies, and person-specific computational spine modeling.  His research has been funded by the NIH, NSF, NIOSH, the Ohio BWC, and the Department of Defense as well as industry-funded research from companies such as Honda, Toyota, Boeing, and Amazon.

Feel free to email Dr. Knapik to learn more about his research.