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Wayne Carlson

  • Faculty Emeritus, Design
  • 128 N. Oval Mall
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-2872


  • 20050101

    Apple Distinguished Educator Award.

  • 20020101

    Excellence in Education Award.

  • 19990101

    GII Health Award.

  • 19950101-19960101

    Ameritech Faculty Fellowship.

  • 19950101

    CEN Cultural Performance Award.

  • 19930101

    Recognition of Service Award.

  • 19870101

    Silver Award.

  • 19860101

    BDA Design Competition Silver Award.

  • 19860101

    Clio Award.

  • 19860101

    BPME Design Competition Gold Medallion.

  • 19850101

    Bronze Award.

  • 19850101

    Clio Award.

  • 19840101

    Gold Award.

  • 19840101

    BDA Design Competition Gold Award.

  • 19830101

    Silver Award.



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Journal Articles


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Papers in Proceedings


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