I am a passionate, thoughtful, and self-aware professional dedicated to developing innovative technologies that solve global healthcare problems.  I have found that successful solutions to problems of this scale lie at the intersection of emerging peripheral technologies, scientific discovery, and novel business models.  I am a proven team-builder, project manager, and innovator with an insatiable thirst for change and progress.

I have spent most of my career at The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute facilitating research through the development of technologies and models that leverage sensor and other forms of data in the realm of degenerative spine disorders.  I believe in the ability of data-driven platforms to transform healthcare over the course of my career.  I have found that sustainable technological solutions can only be achieved through an empathetic appreciation of the customer's needs, a critical assessment of the limitations of the technology platform, and a thorough understanding of the technological, economic, regulatory, and social landscapes the solution will live in.