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Gregory G. Knapik, MS

  • Biodynamics Lab Research Coord, Integrated Systems Engineering
  • Assistant Director, SRI
  • 1971 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-2016


Greg is the Assistant Director at the Spine Research Institute. His research focuses on advanced dynamic biomechanical model development and simulation, and applied ergonomic and biomechanical studies. Greg specializes in human data acquisition, multi-body dynamic simulations, biomedical imaging based model development, finite element modeling, and advanced numerical methods. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University, and has been a research engineer at the Spine Research Institute since 2005.

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Journal Articles


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  • Ferguson,Sue,A; Marras,William,S; Allread,W,Gary; Knapik,Gregory,G; Splittstoesser,Riley,E, 2012, "Musculoskeletal disorder risk during automotive assembly: current vs. seated." APPLIED ERGONOMICS 43, no. 4, 671-678 - 671-678.


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  • Korkmaz,S,V; Hoyle,J,A; Knapik,G,G; Splittstoesser,R,E; Yang,G; Trippany,D,R; Lahoti,P; Sommerich,C,M; Lavender,S,A; Marras,W,S, 2006, "Baggage handling in an airplane cargo hold: An ergonomic intervention study." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS 36, no. 4, 301-312 - 301-312.

Papers in Proceedings


  • Hwang, J.; Knapik, G.G.; Dufour, J.S.; Marras, W.S. "A comparison of performance between straight-line muscle and curved muscle models." (1 2017).


  • Splittstoesser, R.E.; Knapik, G.G.; Marras, W.S. "A simple model of changes in lumbar intervertebral angles during sagittal torso flexion." (11 2011).