Magnetic Resonance Elastography Laboratory

The Magnetic Resonance Elastography Laboratory lab focuses on developing novel imaging technologies to achieve early diagnosis, advance understanding of disease patterns, and aid in disease management.

A primary research area in the group is developing a novel imaging capability called MR Elastography (MRE).  MRE is a noninvasive technique for estimating the stiffness of soft tissues.  In MRE, an external vibration source is induced in the area of interest and is tracked as it propogates through the body by an MRI scanner.  The propagating wave images are then mathematically processed to obtain stiffness maps known as inversions.

The lab focuses on pulse sequence development, drivers for external vibrations and inversions for different applications. This lab is being supported by grants through NIH, AHA, SIR, and State of Ohio.

Please visit the Magnetic Resonance Elastography Laboratory website for more information.