CDMI-Sponsored BACPAC Symposium (virtual, free)

All dates for this event occur in the past.

BACPAC Graphic

Chronic low back pain (cLBP) is one of the most common forms of chronic pain in the world, but treatment options are largely ineffective.  The Back Pain Consortium (BACPAC) research program, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, intends to remedy this.  Its goals include developing models for predicting cLBP that involves biological, biomechanical, psychosocial, and other inputs, as well as identifying factors related to treatment effectiveness.

The benefits being derived by this comprehensive effort are far-reaching, both in terms of LBP treatment and prevention.  The Center for Disruptive Musculoskeletal Innovations (CDMI) invites you to take part in a free symposium that will highlight the significance of BACPAC data and technology resources.  It is an opportunity for industry, researchers, and clinical groups alike to learn more about BACPAC and brainstorm with others regarding methods to take advantage of this knowledge.   

This event will be of value to all stakeholders involved in improving outcomes for individuals suffering from cLBP. It will include discussions of BACPAC assets that are of interest to industry and will provide a networking opportunity with those currently involved in the CDMI as well as those interested in joining this NSF Center.

The CDMI is one of the National Science Foundation’s Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers